Christmas Cheer and Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

But before settling  down to a pile of mince pies and the wrapping of Christmas gifts, the decorations need to go up.

For many of us that means getting them down first, as Christmas decorations are very often stored in lofts, therefore it is important to ensure that you retrieve them safely from where you put them at the start of the year.

Christmas Tree

If you choose to have a real tree take care when handling it and transporting it and check the tree for unwelcome visitors and make sure you keep it watered to prevent it drying out and dropping needles.

Make sure the tree is firm and stable in place and avoid placing it in an awkward position.

If your tree is over 6 feet tall, then use a small step ladder to hang the decoration and do not decorate the tree alone. (Beware the helpful suggestions)

Christmas Lights

Visually inspect your lights for obvious signs of defects and switch them on to see if they are working prior to hanging.

Where you can use LED lights as they have a lower voltage

Never overload the socket or extension lead and keep the lights away from flammable materials

Turn off lights when you go to bed

Outside Decorations

Take care if you are hanging lights and decorations outside and at height. Particular care should be taken if you are using a ladder.

Ensure the ladder is fit for purpose and free of defects, make sure you place the ladder on level ground and that someone is with you to foot the ladder if necessary.

Ensure the lights and decorations are specifically designed for outside use and that the electric cables is suitable and connected to an adequate socket.

Avoid trips and falls by using cable ties to secure trailing cables and try to avoid placing decorations too close to pavements.

Charity Displays

If you are assembling a display for a charity at your home, please tell your home insurer.

These are just a few points from the team at PSP Risk who

 wish you all a very Safe & Happy Christmas.