Did you know that you can set up a “pop up” campsite, without requiring planning permission?

Whether you are a farmer, pub landlord or estate owner, you can look to utilise some spare land as a pop-up campsite for up to 56 days this summer.

Your site must be for tents only but can include glamping units, such as bell tents so long as you are not carrying out any construction or physicallychanging the land.

You will also be permitted to bring in some temporary buildings that can be used for washing facilities and a reception, bear in mind that each day these structures are on site counts as one of your 56. A separate licence may be required if you operate the site for more than 42 consecutive dates

It would also be advisable to contact your local planning department to check there are no reasons why your land could be exempt.

Other things to consider –

  • waste disposal
  • fresh water supply
  • accessibility

If you think you have great parcel of land that would be suitable for such a venture, then contact the team at PSP Rural or PSP Group to ensure that your insurance covers this additional activity.